I'm so excited to be launching my very own blog!

Let me begin by introducing myself - I am Jade Milan. A divorced, single mother of two - There, I've said it! I have been living in denial for quite some time because this was not going to be my story - No way was I ever going to be a single mother (So much for Plan A.)

I was too familiar with the pain of absent parents to inflict the same on my precious little ones. Unfortunately, there was no Plan B.


Motherhood consumed me to the point of exhaustion. I was determined to create this perfect life for my kids and overcompensate for every negative factor no matter the cost. I vowed to forget my own needs and I flat out refused (like a big baby) to set goals because I was so afraid to invest in my future. I thought it far more important to focus solely on the needs of my children. Instead of enjoying my babies, I began to resent all the wonderful joys of Motherhood.


I asked myself, "What it they never forgave me for taking care of myself?" The truth is, they won't forgive you, OR respect you if you don't.

Out of this experience, DiaryofAMomista was created as a resource for living our best lives while managing the MOMguilt. It is my goal to encourage and inspire other Moms - working, student, full-time, same sex, step, expecting and women who still aren't sure if they want to be Moms (no judgement here). Here you will find tips on how to dream again, take your life back and live your happiness - Heaven knows every other part of our lives are totally consumed with our little ones. 

I'm delighted to have the privilege to connect with you, MOMista's.



jade milan

about me

Hey ladies!


Blogging can be fun, but oh boy is it hard work!


Welcome to 'Diary of a Momista'!


This blog was designed especially for and inspired by Women. We're told so often we must choose between a fulfilling career and Motherhood. But nothing could be further from the truth - We CAN have it all! 


Just know, at one time or another, when we're goal crushing in one area of our lives, we're possibly failing in the other - this is the cycle of MOMLife - our lives. Truth is, being a Mom is not a job - There is no compensation or quarterly bonuses based on performance. No ones throwing us holiday parties because we've had a profitable year. Employer's can terminate our contracts and replace us within a matter of minutes (which I've experienced on more than one occasion (but we'll explore that at another time).


We are mothers from the moment that child is conceived until the moment our life passes on. We don't get to resign and move onto something "more fulfilling". We don't get to debate over equal opportunities or achieving the salary grade as our male counterparts. 


Listen - we're living this MomLife and we can never have too much support, good advice, compassion, love, appreciation, acceptance and encouragement from one another.



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